Home School Association

Parents play a vital part in the development of the school. The goals of HSA are not just to provide parent volunteers for school events and functions but also to increase dialogue and communication between parents and the school as well as provide social events for students and families during the rigorous academic year. Every parent is welcomed and encouraged to participate in the Home School Association.

The HSA coordinates a variety of events throughout the school year. These include community-related and age specific events as well as popular school-wide events such as the Luau, Christmas Parties, Spring Fling, Fright Night and graduation events amongst others.

For more information, please ask your class representative.

Newly Elected HSA Board (Effective for Academic Year 2017-2018)

President : (open)
Vice President : Troy Robinson
Treasurer : Michael Leung
Secretary : Sandy Fung
Asst. Vice President of UC : Serina Lee
Asst. Vice President of LC : Craig Kelleher
Asst. Vice President of EC : Vicky Chiu
Upper Campus Representative : Dennis Espina
Upper Campus Representative: Elena Rivera
Lower Campus Representative: Anthony Bova
Lower Campus Representative: Gloria Li
Early Childhood Representative: Lindsey Vestal
Early Childhood Representative: Carmen Tan

The Executive Board members serve a two-year term. All parents are invited to participate in any and all events. HSA monthly meetings are held on the first Thursday every month at 8 am in the old St. James Church Hall, Upper Campus. All parents are encouraged to attend.

The HSA recently approved a revision of By Laws. In addition, please note two areas of clarification on clauses in the By Laws below:

1) Article III Membership & Dues, Section 1 – “.. membership shall be open to all”
Clarification – HSA membership is automatic upon the active enrollment of a child at Transfiguration School

2) Article X – Financial Arrangement, Section 1 – “.. student activity fees..”
Clarification – the student activity fee referenced here is not the Student Activity Fee (for books and materials) collected by the school and instead refers to monies raised by HSA through fundraising events and efforts.

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