Since 1832, the Transfiguration School has provided educational excellence to successive waves of immigrants and their children. Rooted in the Catholic tradition, Transfiguration nurtures the mind, body and spirit in a family-centered environment to develop thoughtful and responsible learners.

Statement of Beliefs

At Transfiguration School, we believe that:

  • A growing understanding of God, awareness of self and thirst for knowledge; these three educate the whole child – spirit, mind and body.
  • Trust, guidance, understanding and consistent encouragement promote imagination, creativity and exploration which optimize learning in a safe, happy, enjoyable environment.
  • Instructional practices must reflect the different ways and rates in which student learn.
  • As they learn to accept responsibility for their words and actions, students are strengthened at all levels of their growth – spiritual, intellectual, social and physical. Developing respect, responsibility, humor and kindness are essential elements of this growth. An increasing desire for truth and justice in the world is the result.
  • Parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. In planning for their child’s growth and development, a strong partnership between home and school is essential.
  • The high morale of a school’s faculty is a prerequisite for progress, stability and success.
  • Our educational program strengthens patriotism and the values our nation represents.