Strategic Initiatives

The 21st century has brought much change to Transfiguration School. The expansion of campus buildings and increase in enrollment has all been a reflection of the school’s dedication to its academic standards, socioeconomic diversity, community service and immigrant roots.

Transfiguration School nurtures the mind, body and spirit of the child to better prepare them for 21st century challenges. The school has been transitioning to the Common Core State Standards to ensure that graduates are college and career bound. The curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach that makes learning the social sciences, hard sciences and creative arts interesting, meaningful and effective.

The school’s five-year strategic plan includes major capital engagement that will enable an even more robust educational program. Considering the age of the school buildings, much infrastructure investment is required to bring them to industry standards, and to maximize and utilize the space efficiently.

By the 2016-2017 academic year, the school will have two classes per grade from PreK – 8th grade with a total projected student body of nearly 700 across three campuses. This expansion was a response to community demand to cultivate and maintain quality education. As the last remaining parish-based Catholic school in the area, Transfiguration School has the honor to carry this torch as a recognized local and national leader year after year.

The main strategic goals for the next five years include:

  • Investment in infrastructure and adaptive reuse needs such as:
    • Increase and enhance technology integration;
    • Create and maximize classroom space;
    • Maintain and upgrade current buildings;
  • Create multipurpose spaces for the student body.
  • Cultivate Parents and Alumni to make lifelong investments in the school
  • Endow the school for future generations

This will require the support and participation of the whole community. To find out how to become involved, please go to the Support Us section. Please visit the Capital Campaign page on updates regarding the school’s renovation plans for the Lower and Upper Campuses.


Within the last 2015-2016 academic year, the school has significantly increased access to technology for the Upper Campus with more Chromebooks, coding classes and increased in bandwidth. The school is transitioning away from the smartboard to HD TV with Apple TV to enhance classroom learning.

To pave the foundation for future renovations, the school has contracted with FSI Architectural Firm to survey, conduct research with DOB and produce renderings of the Lower Campus at 29 Mott Street and Upper Campus at 37 St. James. This has taken over 250+ billable hours and two additional contractors to survey the sidewalks and vault area to produce up-to-date layouts of these two buildings.

The school has formed a Financial Advisory Council made up of alumni, former parents and current parents to review and advise on the school’s financial and strategic needs. This also means we are closer to building an endowment.