Strategic Initiatives

The 21st century has brought much change to Transfiguration School. The expansion of campus buildings and increase in enrollment has all been a reflection of the school’s dedication to its academic standards, socioeconomic diversity, community service and immigrant roots.

Transfiguration School nurtures the mind, body and spirit of the child to better prepare them for 21st century challenges. The school has transitioned to the Common Core State Standards ensuring that graduates are high school, college, and career bound. The curriculum emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach that makes learning the social sciences, hard sciences and creative arts interesting, meaningful and effective.

The current goals include:

  • A new school food program
  • Updated technology for students
  • Faculty and staff resources and professional development opportunities
  • Creating even more student scholarships
  • Investment in real estate development
  • Cultivate Parents and Alumni to make lifelong investments in the school

We welcome and appreciate the support and participation of the community. To find out how to become involved, please visit the Support Us section. Thank you.