Ice Cream!

HSA Ice Cream Event
By: Jasmine Li (5-1) and Christopher Chen (5-2)

Every school year the HSA organizes a day where the entire school gets a scoop of ice cream and all the toppings they want. This year students had many choices for toppings and ice cream. We were able to choose chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream a scoop or two of any toppings, such as gummy bears, whip cream, oreos, chocolate syrup, rainbow sprinkles, and m&ms. There were many combinations to make with ice cream and toppings. This event or treat is suppose to make the students feel happy at the same time to have a fundraiser. The money goes to the HSA so that they can plan other fundraisers. Students had a sweet time enjoying a cold treat with their friends. A big thank you to all the parents that planned and volunteered for this event and has done so for many years and will continue to do so in the future so that we could have this special event.