Letter to the Community

February 10, 2016

Dear Students, Parents, Faculty & Staff,

Over the last few years Transfiguration has experienced growth in student enrollment and an increase in school programs and personnel.  This has placed a strain on the use of existing space at the Lower and Upper Campuses.  The next phase of our development will focus on renovating our infrastructure to increase and use existing space more efficiently at both Campuses.

The Lower Campus (29 Mott Street), built in 1923 and the Upper Campus (37 St James Place), built in 1856 need an overhaul.  Each year, the school is pressed to deal with repairs and maintenance of basic services at these two buildings.

The general plan is to reconfigure existing space and where possible, increase space at both buildings to adequately address our needs.  For example, the addition of new programs and services (Literacy, special education services, ESL, Integration of Technology) as well as new methodologies in teaching, require adequate spaces for the delivery of instruction that optimizes learning.  The proposed renovations will enable us to reconfigure and upgrade our space so that we remain a competitive institution in the 21st century.

The funds that the school has raised for the capital campaign totaling $1.2 million will be spent on this renovation. We are looking to raise an additional $500k to ensure that the school is able to create the type of spaces that reflect our needs.

This project will be multi-phase and multi-year with the goal of upgrading these two buildings with as minimal disruption as possible. We are currently working with an architectural firm to create a plan that reflects the school’s needs and wants. Once the plan is finalized we will unveil it to the larger community.

As many of you who have dealt with your own home renovations know, this can be a challenging process. In order to make this project a success, we will need your cooperation especially during construction.  We are currently creating a plan that will minimize disruptions and ensure a safe and comfortable environment for everyone during this renovation period.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me regarding any concerns you might have. Thank you for all your support and cooperation.


Dr. Patrick Taharally