Speech Bee

Brian Chung and Eva Lu
Class 6-1 and 6-2

February 18, 2016

The Speech Bee

This year the Speech Bee was a thrilling event for Transfiguration School.  It took place on February 12, 2016 in the George and Agnes Tai Auditorium at the Lower Campus.  This year’s topic was “Hunger in America,” a major problem in our country. The judges, like last year, were Mr. Lardieri, Dr. Taharally, Mr Lenahan, and Mr. Fager, who worked hard together to determine who were this school year’s speech bee winners.  This year the contestants were Jack and Sage from 5-1, Genevive and Jeffrey from 5-2, Peter and Alessandra from 6-1,  Lauren and Kathryn from 6-2, Laurie and Edwin from 7-1, Michelle and Sammi from 7-2, and Grace and Katelyn from the 8th grade.

The Speech Bee started at 9:00 am and everyone from grades 4-8 crowded into the auditorium, including the parents of some contestants.  The contestants went up in a randomly chosen order, and first up was Grace from 8th grade.  Each contestant braved their stage fright and proudly presented to us well-developed speeches about hunger in America.  All the contestants from the 5th to 8th grade worked hard to be in the Speech Bee, but sadly, in the end there can only be 3 winners.  In Third Place was Alessandra Olivieri, a 6th grader who was last year’s Speech Bee First Place winner.  In Second Place was Jack Olivieri, a fifth grader who gave a wonderful speech even though it was his first time. And finally, our First Place winner was Jeffrey Tan from 5-2 who presented a great and informative speech on hunger in America!  We would like to congratulate all the speech bee presenters for having the courage to even go up on the stage to present their speeches.  It was a great and valuable experience for all the speech bee contestants this year.