Update on the School’s Renovation Plans

March 23, 2016

Dear Students, Parents, Faculty & Staff,

Last month, I wrote to the Transfiguration School community about the upcoming capital renovation projects for both the Lower and Upper Campuses. There have been some questions since the initial letter was sent which I wish to address here.

First, as a parish-based Catholic school, Transfiguration does not receive direct financial assistance from the Archdiocese. The school with its three campuses (Early Childhood, Lower and Upper) is responsible for its own operations and finances. This includes paying rent in some cases, all costs of maintenance and any needed repairs and upgrades. The school is a tax-exempted educational institution whose finances are audited annually. All donations to the school are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Second, the funds that the school has raised for the capital campaign, in the last three years totaling $1.2 million will be spent on the renovation projects. This amount has been specifically restricted to be used for this capital renovation. We are looking to raise an additional $500k to ensure that the school is able to create the type of spaces that reflect our needs. These improvements will include a total upgrade of the electrical and plumbing at both the Lower and Upper campuses. The realignment of spaces will allow for special education services, a science lab, additional office and meeting spaces as well as improved security, among others.

Third, the funds raised for these projects are separate from the tuition and fees parents are charged which cover employees’ salaries and benefits and other monthly operational expenses. I strongly encourage all parents to support this capital renovation by making a donation or attending large school events such as the Friends & Family Dinner on May 6th and Fall Gala on October 11th this year.

This project will be multi-phased and multi-year with the goal of upgrading these two buildings with as minimal disruption as possible. We look forward to revealing the proposed plans to the larger community by the end of the school year.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me or Ellen Luo regarding any concerns you might have. Thank you for all your support and cooperation.


Dr. Patrick Taharally

你們好!上 個月,我就即將實行的上下校改建項目致函於顯聖容學校社


首先,作為一個基於教區天主教的學校,顯聖容學校沒有接收從大主教 管區的直接財政援助。其三個校區(早教/上/下)校園要負責自己的業 務和財務狀況。這包括在某些情況下支付房租,管理,維修和任何需要 改建和升級的所有費用。這所學校是年度財務狀況審核稅務豁免的教育 機構,所有捐款給學校在法律允許的最大範圍內都是免稅的。

其次,學校基金會已為了這個改建項目籌備了資金,在過去的三年里共 籌得$120 萬資金將用於此改建工程。這一數額已被明確限定為用於這次 的改建項目。我們正在尋求籌集額外的$50 萬,以確保學校能夠創建我 們的需求空間類型。這些改建將包括上/下校園的電路和管道的裝置升 級。這些空格的調整將可增設特殊教育服務室,科學實驗室,額外的辦 公室和會議室,以及安全措施方面的加強等等。

第三,這些改建項目的所需的資金來源是獨立的,並不是來源於家長們 為貴子女繳交的學費和其他費用。學校所收到的學費和其他費用是用於 支付員工的工資和福利等以及每月的運營費用。我強烈希望所有家長通 過捐贈和踴躍參加今年 5 月 6 日學校舉辦的家庭朋友聚餐活動和 10 月 11 日秋季晚會以籌集資金支持這一改建項目。


如你们有任何顧慮,請豪不猶豫地与我或者Ellen Luo联系和沟通。感謝 您们一直以來的支持與合作。