Program Overview

The Transfiguration School at the Early Childhood Campus provides an integrated approach to education to advance the intellectual, emotional, physical and social development of three and four year old children. The campus offers an educational program that emphasizes the development of skills, creativity and social integration. Classes start at 8:30 am and dismissal is between 5:15 and 6:00 pm. Each class has a head teacher, assistant teacher, aides and volunteer foster grandparents with a child to adult ratio of 1:7. Breakfast and lunch are provided by the NYC Department of Education and supervised by the Department of Health. Healthy children’s snacks are packed from home.

Breakfast and Lunch for students are provided by NYC Dept of Education School Food.

Choose the following menus to learn what meals the kids are having for the month.  
  •  Breakfast Express Menu
  • K-8 Express Hot Lunch Menu

A Day in the Life of an Early Childhood Student


8:00    Breakfast
8:30    Arrival , welcome, table activity
9:00    Community prayer & exercise
9:20    Circle time 1: calendar, weather, movement, song, finger play, good news,
             read aloud time, mini lesson
10:00  Learning centers: arts & crafts, listening, math games, small group reading,
             science experiments, cooking
10:30  Rotation of Learning centers
11:00   Rotation of Learning centers, Playground + Movement
11:00 prek3 lunch
12:00 prek4 lunch
12:30  Nap time

AFTERNOON (Specialized Classes)

1:30   Circle time 2- read aloud, mini lesson, sharing time
2:15   Yoga/Art/ Rhythm & Instrument
3:00  Gym/Chinese Culture Lessons/Music
3:45   Snack time
4:30  Playground + Movement time
5:00  Choice Centers, free drawing, quiet reading
5:30- 6:00  Pack up + Dismissal
Enrichment Classes (additional fee)
  • Creative Dance
  • Ballet
  • Piano
  • Swimming (Summer Only)

In addition to regular classroom activities, monthly field trips and a variety of school events such as church services, sports, recitals and community performances make up the annual school calendar. Please download the latest calendar here.

For information regarding uniforms please download here.

We follow the NYS Prekindergarten Foundation for  Common Core.

Please download the 2017-2018 Parent Handbook here.

The Summer Edition of Trans Kinder Nation is available now.