Summer Institute

Transfiguration School Early Childhood Campus is offering an exciting summer program of learning and fun to support the development in creative thinking, problem solving, observation, experimentation and expressive communication for your child.

The 2018 summer program will operate from July 5th through August 10th and on Mondays through Fridays from 8:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m.  The summer program is designed to help your child get ready for the next grade level that they will enter in September.  It will be taught by caring, highly qualified and dedicated summer school teachers and staff.   (Please note the class teachers may be different in the summer and school year.)

Your child’s summer school progress and performance will be evaluated, documented and shared with the parent.  It will also be reviewed by the student’s head teacher before the academic year starts in September.

In addition to the PK learning standards, PK 3 will explore Ocean and PK 4 will explore Transportation. See below for detail.

Summer Program Curriculum (born 2015)
Prekindergarten 3
(born 2014)
Prekindergarten 4
Theme(s) OCEAN LIFE:
How are the oceans and aquatic animals important to the people and the world?
How many ways can we travel from one place to another?  Why are there different types of transportation?  Why do we travel?
Core Activities: Learn about different aquatic animals, their body parts and habitats Identify the differences between various modes of transportation such as cars, trains, planes, etc.
Read / listen stories, fictional & nonfiction on animals in the ocean Learn to read different signs and understand the meaning. Create safety and directional signs.
Identify ocean animal shapes and movements Use 3D shapes and recyclables to build cars, roads, and tracks.
Test sinking vs. floating and saltwater vs. freshwater. Learn about wave and motions. Learn about water safety Experiment various hand-made vehicles on ramps and record distance. Find out how air pressure affects hot air balloons.
Draw and color fish and aquatic plants for aquarium. Collage an ocean mural Learn and apply the processes of mapmaking and read the MTA subway/bus maps.
Build boats and sand castles Build vehicles with recycled materials, make origami airplanes.
Identify ways to clean our oceans and keep it clean.  What harms the ocean? Learn about capacities in vehicles and how much each can hold. Find out the best way to get to a certain destination.
Learn what can pollute the water, harm the animals and how we can help improve aquatic life Learn the importance of vehicle/passenger safety rules.  Understand and avoid stranger dangers.
See different ocean animals and learn about aquatic food chain. Grow and care for an aquatic animal in class aquarium Explore different speeds of vehicles and different distances each vehicle usually travels. Explore sink/float properties of boats.
Listen to ocean sounds and whale songs. Move like ocean animals. Identify floating, swimming, sailing Listen to different traffic sounds in the city vs. the suburbs vs. rural
Make ocean jello and seaweed salad Cook foods from different NYC neighborhoods
Trips to the Beach and South street seaport. Trips to the Intrepid/Airport, Boat Ride to Governor’s Island, and The Transit Museum

Every week the following afternoon enrichment activities are taught by specialized teachers.

Enrichments are weaved into the summer program and linked to the themes for each grade:

  • Art – explore different art mediums.
  • Chinese Culture Learning– learn Chinese cultural folklores, inventions and celebrations.
  • Choir – for PK-4 only, develop musical ear training and learn to sing in a group.
  • Drum and Rhythm Music – listen, sing, and move to music in the following genres: classical, tribal, futuristic, and Christian.  Learn to use various percussion instruments: jembre, cymbals, rhythm sticks, glockenspiels etc.
  • Mandarin Language program- listen and speak in Mandarin: greetings, vocabulary, simple sentences and songs.
  • Physical education – participate in sportsmanship, cooperation and safety.  They will be introduced to the following sports: relay racing, soccer, basketball and Summer Olympics games.
  • Yoga – develop focus and concentration in meditation, core strength, and bodily movement through music and poetry


Breakfast: provided at school’s common area from 8:00 a.m.– 8:30 a.m.
Lunch: classes go upstairs to the Public School 124 cafeteria for daily lunch
Snack: healthy foods and drink packed from home: no junk food.

The following are afternoon elective programs planned:

  • Piano
  • Dance:   Ballet and Traditional Chinese
  • Pre-swimming: Seahorse Swimming School Pool:  69 Columbia Street, New York, NY 10002.

Summer School Field trips: (permission forms will follow)

  • Weekly walking trips to neighborhood Columbus Park (Mulberry and Bayard streets) to see free music performances.
  • Yellow school bus trips to places related to the theme

***Summer school is required for all new students registered and preferences for student placement will not be accepted. 

Applications (Pre-Kindergarten 3 & 4) for Transfiguration School students will be on a first come, first served basis until March 16, 2018. After that, registration will be opened to the community. Applications must include a $700 non-refundable deposit to ensure a place in the program. The balance of the full cost will be due by Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

Transfiguration School takes pride providing your child with exciting educational experiences in an environment that fosters love, learning, ethics, creativity and cooperation.