The Transfiguration School alumni family is a diverse and dynamic group that reflects the image of modern America. Over the last 180 years, the school has witnessed and educated throngs of people seeking a new life in the new world and those of their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Known as the school of immigrants, our graduates reflect the same set of values and diversity that makes New York, specifically Lower Manhattan, such a melting pot. Our alumni encompass a great tapestry of professions, languages and cultures spread throughout the country which include entrepreneurs, educators, community leaders and an Archbishop (Patrick Cardinal Hayes).

The 2013-2014 academic year brought a renewed outreach to alumni that resulted in two reunions and a few surprised visits. We have also seen increased alumni participation in our annual Friends & Family Dinner in May and Fall Gala in October which is always popular with our friends and families. In 2014, we were thrilled to announce a multi-year pledge by Jackson Tai ’64 in support of the Capital Campaign ensuring quality infrastructure and classroom spaces for the 21st century.

Please visit our facebook page for updates and photos of alumni gatherings.