In February 2015 Transfiguration School is thrilled to announce the Gardella and Prelli Family Fund within the school’s endowment to support the mission of the school for decades to come.

The Gardella and Prelli Family Fund will help perpetuate the work of Transfiguration School in fulfilling the needs of their diverse constituents.  Peter Gardella (Transfiguration ’61), John Gardella (Transfiguration ’64), Rosemarie Prelli Guidice (St. James ’62) and Mary Prelli Chan (St. James ’65), second generation Italian-Americans, are thankful for the education and support they received from their respective parish communities, as were their parents and grandparents.

A robust and diverse endowment is critical to the foundation of any educational institution. A fully supported endowment ensures the survival of Transfiguration School for generations to come.

Since 1832, the school has endured through much economic upheaval and social unrest. It is up to our community of supporters to see to it that the next 100 years is on solid grounds. Just decades ago, Transfiguration School was one amongst many historic Catholic schools in Lower Manhattan. Today, it is the only Catholic school south of SoHo, serving PreK through Grade 8.

Transfiguration School continues to educate the children and grandchildren of immigrants as well as welcome new comers to this country. The school has consistently ranked among the best in its locale and age group in city and state exams, acceptance rates to specialized High Schools and is nationally recognized as a Blue Ribbon School. We hope that you can join us to endow Transfiguration for the next 100 years.